Adopt a Pomeranian

    Adopting a rescue Pomeranian is a very short process. We would have you fill out an application and submit it.  

    After that we reserve the right to come and inspect your home to ensure that it is "puppy-proof" and that there are no hidden dangers for rescue Pomeranians to get into. Often people do not realize that common household plants, electronics set ups, unstable furniture, unenclosed balconies, pools, and other unsuspecting areas can pose a menacing threat. Avocado trees, aloe vera plants, can be poisonous. Unsecured balconies and high beds pose a threat of broken limbs, and so on. After the inspection the rescue Pomeranian will be brought to your home for an initial meeting, if all goes well we will leave the rescue Pomeranian with you and hold you donation until the adoption is final. 

    Our standard Pomeranian adoption fee ranges between $100-500. The common costs incurred are worming, vaccines, microchips (all dogs leave with one), spay/neuter, transport expenses, and medications to treat pre-existing conditions. If you are unsure of being able to afford this fee, we can always arrange for you to foster the Pomeranian dog you like with the added benefit of being able to pay the donation when you adopt down the line.

During a foster situation with the intent to adopt the foster Pomeranian, we will place the Pomeranian on a hold status until you can afford the adoption fee.
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