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Paul Vohsing said:   October 21, 2012 11:34 pm PST
I would like first to thank everyone involved in bring our sweet little Oliver (Nono Solo) into our family, he was a very disadvantaged little dog when we first met him. But he has blossomed into a wonderful integral part of our family. He has stolen our hearts, and along with our other little boy Buddy, they are a sweet pair of fuzzy butts. Secondly i would like to thank and also commend everyone involved with SCPR for their hard and tireless efforts on behalf of so many wonderful little fuzzy butts . Here's to all of you, you are a very wonderful part of a harsh world.... May God Bless!

Melanie Pickrell said:   August 27, 2012 5:17 pm PST
My previous dog was a yorkie and I had her for 17 years. I waited a year and then started looking for a new doggie. I saw Mona's picture on craigslist, she was in a high kill shelter in Ukiah, CA. She is an adorable red or sable pomerainian, I drove 4 hours to get her, I got there 15 minutes before they closed. This dog is the smartest, sweetest dog I have ever had. I am just writing to say that this breed is wonderful, Mona has a permanent smile on her face and is now a happy beach dog in Half Moon Bay.

Daphne Seaman said:   August 7, 2012 8:39 pm PST
I had to put my 4 legged best friend to sleep about 6 months ago and I dearly miss her. She is the second Pom I've had, first for 15 yes and second one for 4 yrs. I work a lot and that's the only thing holding me back from getting me another one. I love your site.

Ric said:   August 7, 2012 7:39 am PST
Leeza Chelo is doing fine she is the best dog ive had since my first dog shadow died. Thank you

Cheryl Marie Silveira ( nickname Cher) said:   July 24, 2012 3:59 pm PST
Since I lost my beautiful "little man" Kodi (short for Kodiak Bear on his papers) I feel like my life has just been existing and missing my little 4 legged heart and soul. I did some animal rescue and fostering years ago, then became ill and no longer could hike mountains and go for hours with the big dogs I was rescuing. I was able to find VERY good homes on farms for my herding dogs and others but kept my little Pom because he was SO dear to me. He was with me every minute and his happy, easy going personality made my situation SO much better because of him He NEVER had a bad day or temperment, loved people, kids and even raised an abandoned male cat who needed to be hand fed side by side with me. I have missed him so long and life isn't the same without a wonderful friend, I felt it was time, I could no longer go through life without such a wonderful, good hearted friend. I LOVE Bandit! but if he is at a new home, one of them will pick me and feel a connection with me. I hope soon.

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