Pomeranian Adoption Center

Westfield Promenade

SCPR is one of the rescues featured in a new all-rescue store called PETOPIA!! Petopia is a 'Multi-Rescue" pet store located at the Westfield Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills, three doors down from the the movie theater.

The store is home to a variety of pet adoption organizations including Founder, Valley Cats Inc, Animal Rescue Al
liance & Farm Sanctuary, and the Southern California Pomeranian Rescue. We are very thankful to the founders of Petopia for including us. Why a store?!

Like any business, a physical presence is key in garnering more patrons and it satisfies those who like that personal, one-on-one experience. Buying an orange off the internet vs buying an orange at the grocery store are definitely two different experiences. Why not apply this truth to rescue animals?! Petopia will help breakdown the stigma and myth that former shelter dogs "have issues" and/or are "too hard to train". One-on-one meets are how dog and human are connected. This neutral friendly place is vital.
Petopia will also provide a safe, comfy place for our volunteers to meet and greet our public in person . Our store hours are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 3:00p - 7:00p. If you are interested in visiting a special dog at Petopia please send us an e-mail so we can try to have the dog present.


If storefronts work for Pet Stores with that "puppy in the window" purchased at Christmas, then it should work for rescues who now have that Christmas puppy living in the rescue system.

PETOPIA Founders, Valley Cats, Inc.

 Come on in!!!
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